Light-silver, 8-month old male wolfdog, will make good stud dog. Was held back to be one of my own family wolfdogs. But he is starting to show some wolf-like behaviors, and I am downsizing how many wolfdogs that I can keep. He is actually the friendliest towards humans-always first at my side when i leave the house, but he won't share his dinner bowl with the pack anymore, he is starting to show food aggression because he is now over 70 pounds and he acts like he will soon weigh over 80 pounds the way he is gobbling up food. Again, he is very friendly to humans but he likes to pick on the little pups. I have too many other wolfdogs to watch him all the time. He would make a very good father with just a couple other wolfdogs around him. He needs a lot of room to run and play. He is not an escape artist, he stays in his yard as long as you feed him. Repeat, he is very friendly but picks on little animals. Priced to sell quickly ($400) parents on site, to someone (a good leader with patience) that can handle his wolf-like behaviors. He has endless energy but starting to get big-will make a good father!!!!!! I love this wolfdog-I just can't keep him together with all my other wolfdogs and pups. He needs some other wolfdogs to be with, not to be all by himself. *Note: see last picture-the dark wolfdog is his sister, the other wolfdogs in the pictures are his parents. Call Steve at ph# (863) 512-2490 for more information. Located near Lakeland Florida, its by pickup only.

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